John Mathew

As an programming enthusiast, I want to share my knowledge and interests here.

My name is John Mathew.
I started learning about programming since high school, dived in "Basic" first, which eventually made me major in Electronics and Communications.
After completing the college, in 2005, I started working in the software and system departments at large corporations. Since then I have grown my Linux skills at various levels. Through the years I've worked in many positions as a Linux and system engineer, a programmer, a debugger and a consultant.

I have been working with C, C++ and Linux since 10 years. Its great to work with different Linux distributions and I find them really powerful. You see most of the supercomputers are based on Linux OS.
I find myself an accomplished software engineer specialising in object-oriented approaches. Extensive background in full life-cycle of software development process including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance. My technical skills include:

C, C++
OS: Unix/Linux, Windows
Android Binder IPC

Few years ago, I forwarded myself for a position of training software engineers in a technical training center in my organization. It was there that I came to know about my passion towards teaching computer science subjects. Today I am one of the top technical trainers of my organization. Now, In addition to traditional classroom training and consulting, I am planning to start releasing video tutorial training for aspiring programmers, engineers or students.

I've been lucky enough to teach many people through my career. Some have gone on to become professional system engineers, some are software engineers or coders, and some are networking people. All have said that my teaching style is effective and approachable, so I've tried to capture that here.

I've plans of making some of the courses about programming, operating systems, kernel, device drivers etc. I give all my heart into creation of courses. I always try to explain everything the easiest possible way. I'm sure that my courses will help you in the adventure.

I offer a range of high quality training content using quality videos backed-up with industry oriented hands-on examples. My main emphasis is to teach technology the way it is used in professional world. The focus is on giving real life skills that are essential in today's environment. My courses on Technology includes everything ranging from Programming, Operating Systems, linux kernel, linux device drivers to Android Binder and JavaScript.
It is so great be here and share knowledge with you.

Have fun and learn enough!

Andrew Joseph

I have been working in Computer science since 2000, developing and delivering training in both the kernel and user space. I have multiple years of developing experience in multiple languages such a Java, HTML, C and C++.
I hold a degree in electronics engineering with strong background in Embedded Linux ranging from realtime linux to Data Structures and Alogorithms, Programming Languages from C, C++ to Java and HTML.
I have spent the past two decades in diverse tech industries such as telecom, datacom, optical, automotive, and the game industry writing code for a range of hardware from the very small to the very large. In my career, the work has involved in Linux in the areas of kernel level programming, drivers, embedded software, board bring-ups, software architecture, and build systems. I have been involved in a number of Open Source projects including being an early contributor to Debian Linux.
Many instructors have no work experience in the field! Make sure the person you trust with your education is a real expert with substantial previous professional experience. The bottom line for you is, when taking any of my courses, is that you will learn the right way to do things from an expert, in the shortest possible amount of time. My Java, HTML, Linux, OS, Project managemet and Python courses, here are of the highest quality as reviewed by his students.

What does all of this mean for you?
You can have full confidence on my courses that are of exceptional quality, and that I can teach you to become a software developer if you have the desire to become one.
Are you ready to start? You can get started today! No previous experience is necessary.
In 2016, video training is the quickest way to learn, and with my experience and training, it is possible for you to become a software developer! You can do this!

Why not start today? Click one of his courses below, and watch the introductory video, to find out more about who am I and what I can offer you.